How do you spell for Teachers

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As a teacher, I am very adamant of ensuring that everything I write is error free. After all, the worksheets, tests and files are legacy of work that will tell others a lot about me as a professional. To ensure my in spelling I often use a spellchecker. The type that is most efficient is the type that allows me to enter passages and then spell check it in bulk. This online spell check is great for ensuring accuracy and ease. Imagine the frustration when a teacher is stuck with the age old quandary of how do you spell a word. This is easily solved with when one learns the answer to how do you spell check. Luckily, this is easily just a few mouse clicks and keystrokes away. I recommend that anyone in the educational field use this service. By using the service, you will eliminate silly mistakes and have a peace of mind and an error free legacy.

Don’t Become Victim To Typing Errors

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Writers of all kinds run into problems with spelling from time to time. Even if one knows how to spell a certain word, fast typing can still lead to typos and errors. This is why before you turn in any writing project you may be working on, you should always run your work through the spell checker. The online spell check tool is a great and handy tool to have to ensure that all of those imperfections and misspellings are fixed before final submission. This can save you much needed time and effort, rather than searching through tons of words manually, where there is still a high chance that misspelled words will be over looked. With the spellchecker, there is no chance for missing those typos. The spell checker will also guide you to the correctly spelled word and even offer alternative words in its place. Anyone and everyone who engages in writing should use this tool before submitting their final work.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Why All Writers Should Use A SpellCheck

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A spell check is simply the most important tool in any serious writers arsenal. They allow a writer to prevent serious mistakes from slipping up in their work after all the sweat and gruel they used to create it. We offer a writing service that allows writers to have peace of mind by quickly and accurately checking their work for hidden spelling mistakes that can ruin the professionalism of a written piece for the readers.
By using our service you are making a simple investment in the future of your writing. Whether you are a copywriter, lawyer or journalist you can benefit from assuring that your work is free of spelling errors. It is even possible to miss a spelling error after rereading your work. This makes it very important to assure that your work is properly spell checked no matter the circumstances. So use our spell check service to give yourself the peace of mind you deserve after writing.

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Using a spell checker helps improve your employment chances

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Spelling is an important part of many different aspects of life, but no more so than in the world of job hunting. In a time when jobs are in short supply, and the number of unemployed people in America is rising daily, something as simple as correct spelling can help you stand out from the crowd.
If you put yourself in the shoes of a potential employer who has dozens of applications to sort through to create an interview shortlist, the first place you will start is by looking at the quality of the applications. The ability to use a computer is essential in nearly every job, and someone who hasn’t even bothered to use a spell checker will probably not make the cut. Every word processing program, even those that come pre-installed on the most basic machines, will contain a spell checker of some sort, and it is a second’s work to run the program.
Relying too heavily on a spell checker can be dangerous, however. Homophones, which are words that sound alike but are spelled differently (like their and there) slip under the radar. The program will only read each word by itself and compare it to a database of approved words. It does not take into account the context of the piece, nor does it allow for deliberately misspelled words, as you would find in a direct quotation. Grammar checkers will uncover most common mistakes (e.g. it’s and its), but again won’t pick up on the more complex issues.
This is why it is important to go over your own work thoroughly before submitting it, and to get someone else to proofread it for you. They will hopefully pick up on spelling and grammatical errors that you may have missed, or that you may not even be aware of.

Eliminating Commonly Misspelled Words

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Many words are commonly misspelled. Included in this statement are not the rare typing errors that one may come across: “teh” instead of “the”, “a” when “an” is needed, or “wat” instead of “what.” Those mistake are obvious. Need to know how to check spelling? Read on.

Words that are commonly misspelled make up special lists seen around the Internet, books dedicated to the subject, or a chapter or two written in grammar books. The reason that words typically are misspelled is pretty simple. They are an exception to a spelling rule, or they have been misspelled/ mispronounced/ misused for so long, it just became a habit.

Note the following of the top ten most misspelled words(in no particular order):

1. Misspell: All too often people forget the second ‘s’.
2. Definitely: This word tends to be mispronounced leading it’s misspelling to be“definately.”
3. A lot: Again, this word is probably due to mispronunciation. When speaking, the “a” is automatically booted next to the “lot.”
4. February: Because of mispronunciation, the first “r” is forgotten.
5. Library: Same as February
6. Separate: Often, people pronounce this the same as desperate.
7. Accidentally: The rule for changing a word to an adverb and adding -ly states that for words ending in -l, only the ‘y.’ However, this word is an exception and the extra ‘l’ is needed.
8. Committed: This word defies the rule on adding the -ed ending. The last letter is doubled in single syllable words having a consonant-vowel-consonant spelling. The root word, commit, has two syllables.
9. Principal/Principle: This pair of words are homophones. The first is the head of school, the second refers to an idea or concept. These words will be used incorrectly.
10. your: This word is a pronoun used in 2nd person. Also a homophone with the contraction, “you’re”, it unfortunately is an exceptionally common misspelling.
Incorrect use: “I was wondering if your going to the game with me?”
Correct: “Yesterday, I saw your mom at the store.”

Knowing how to check spelling when so many words are easily overlooked can become a difficult task. Making good use of an internet spell check is a good start. Most word processing programs have a spell checker that can be set up by the user. But if it isn’t set properly, or turned off, it will not be much help. Further, some email programs and programs such as notepad do not have a spell check feature. That makes a free internet spell check program a priceless utility. Even for those documents that have been checked, getting a second opinion and glance over any important text is generally recommended. Spell checking programs vary and can miss even an obvious mistake.

Memorizing commonly misspelled words will make writing and error checking an easier task. Just like cat, bat, and hat became second nature, being aware of the words used – both in spelling and context – will make a huge difference in the end result of that important document.