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How To Spell Check in English

November 6, 2011 Category :Uncategorized Off

Spell checking is an option provided by many sevices in today’s day in age. There is spell check in microsoft word, and other electronic writing devices, but the way they spell check can be different. This specific site uses spell check in a larger format. Entire documents can be spelled checked online. Giving convinience and simplicity. The site offers spell check through a window in its home page. When the word, words or document needing a spelling check is placed into the window. The window is placed on top of the site and simple directions are written underneath it incase there are any questions. When the fancy spell check button is pressed a window pops up. Through this different window, the person trying to use spell check can check is the word, words, or document may have any spell checking errors. There is a list of possible words at the bottom of the popped up window that has all the possible words being searched for. At the right are eight simple choices to use. They help make the process move along faster and incase there are any needs for grammar checks there is a grammar category. It cab be reached at the top of the page and next to it a thesarus.