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American English Vs British English

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As Americans continue to see more influence from England, the variations of certain words reaches a larger audience. Certain words like travelled and cancelled are accepted as being correct when writing for an American audience. However, the doubled /l/ is a [British] English spelling. For other words, you will need to set your spell check tool to pick up the appropriate English. Otherwise, words Michalka that may be spelled “correctly” may be identified as incorrect. Further, when spellchecking, it is chicagobearsjerseyspop important Suggestions to be consistent.

Here is a breakdown of some of the major differences in American English and English spellings:Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

-or = -our
favor = Thame, favour
color = colour
honor = honour

-er = -re
center = centre
meter = metre
theater = theatre

-ze = -se
analyze = analyse
criticize = criticise
memorize = memorise

-ck or -k = -que
bank = banque
check = cheque
click = clique

-og = -ogue
analog = analogue
backlog = backlogue
catalog = catalogue

-e = -ae
pediatrician = paediatrician
encyclopedia = encyclopaedia

For words that Together end in an /l/ and preceded by a vowel, the /l/ is doubled when adding a suffix. As mentioned previously, in American English, cancel would become canceled or canceling. For English, the correct spelling would be cancelled or cancelling. Most Other examples of this would be counsel, model, and signal.

Further, there is a difference in the past participle of the following verbs:

smell smelled = smelt
spoil spoiled = spoilt
spill spilled = spilt
learn learned = learnt
dream dreamed = dreamt
burn burn = burnt
leap leaped = leapt

There are many other verbs that fall under this category. There are many helpful books and web pages to guide the differences in both forms of English.

Unless you have been asked specifically for American English, U.K or British English, your writing will be correct. The important points to remember are as follows:

1. Set the spell check tool to identify which version you are using.
2. Be consistent. The sentence, “My favorite flavour of ice cream is vanilla,” while in correct English would be incorrect in usage. This Words is very important when spellchecking.
3. The pronunciation is the same. It is the spelling that is different.

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