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Memorizing Commonly Misspelled Words

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With all the caveats to the rules of English grammar and punctuation, it is no wonder that spelling conventions are also subject to exceptions. Although the word may be different for each individual, nearly every person can think of at least one that gives them trouble. The word “misspelling” itself is often one of the most frequently misspelled words. Although it requires some Online work, the spelling of difficult words can be mastered.

Lists of commonly misspelled words can be located on the internet with relative ease. These lists provide a starting point for determining the strengths and weaknesses of an individual’s ability. While viewing one of the available lists, it is crucial to write down the words on the list that are personal troublemakers. Perhaps a word sticks out because it frequently pops up while using a spellcheck or because to spell it aloud is impossible without writing it down first. Using the old fashioned pen and paper for this task is advised, as there is power in connecting the visual and tactile memories in the brain.

Once the subjective list is completed, it is time to look for patterns. Are there odd diritti rule exceptions that appear multiple times in many of the words on the personal list? Do any of the words involve prefixes or suffixes that are difficult to remember? Recognizing patterns in commonly misspelled words reduces the size of the task. It is less difficult to learn one rule than to cheap mlb jerseys memorize the spelling of multiple words.

The rules subject to the most frequently overlooked exceptions are also easy to locate with a simple internet search. Most people will find that they only need to review a handful of them to cover their entire personal list of misspellings. Performing a spellcheck by running a word through a mental reservoir of rule exceptions permits only a small margin for error, as long those rules are learned properly.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Learning a rule requires both memorization and practice. To make error-free use of frequently misspelled words second nature, it is recommended to memorize a rule and then apply it to several words in succession. Flashcards are excellent for this activity, especially if, as recommended before, they are hand-written.

As a test of progress, it is helpful to use words that are troublesome in context cheap nba jerseys on a frequent basis if the opportunity affords. It is recommended to attempt a piece of writing without any assistance. wholesale jerseys Then, to see if one has achieved mastery on their own wholesale nba jerseys a free spell checker can be used Barometer to verify. This is the equivalent of having a teacher grade your paper. The free spell checker may still find some errors, but this is the key to learning. Those Spell words that are missed again go back to the beginning for further pattern recognition, rule memorization and flashcard practice.

If this method is followed assiduously, #1 in a short time the personal list of frequently misspelled words will be whittled down.

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