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Exceptions to Spelling Rules

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Since we were children and were taught spelling in school we were taught that there some rules used to spell words that if we remembered these rules, it would be easier to remember how to spell. These rules are known as mnemonics. These mnemonics are used to remember how many days are in the months; like the familiar saying “30 days hath September…” and the first letters of the five great lakes in the U.S. spell the word HOMES. The best recommendation is the use of a web spell checker not only due to the endless amount of rules governing how words are spelled; because of the countless amount of exceptions to these rules. If you do not know how to check spelling via a web spell checker; now is the time to familiarize yourself with these free and readily available tools.

The usual first spelling rule we are taught is “I before E, except after C” but it has been found that there are more exceptions to this rule than that words that governed it in the first place. This rule covers “IE” words like; siege, thief, belief and then the “EI” words like; receive, deceive, and conceit.

There a several exceptions to the “I before E” rule and here are a few in American English:

“EI” not preceded by “C;” beige, deign, dreidel, eight, feign, feint, freight, geisha, greige, neigh, neighbo(u)r, and peignoir.

But the “I” before “E” rule is not the only one that will guide us on how to check spelling. Another rule that assists us to avoid misspelling words is:

When words ends in a single consonant preceded by a single vowel and the word is one syllable or accented on the last syllable, then we should double the final consonant when adding a vowel suffix. Examples of this rule are:

beg ~ begged ~ begging
occur ~ occurred ~ occurring

Some exceptions to this rule:

flow ~ flowed ~ flowing
fix ~ fixed ~ fixing

When adding a vowel suffix to a word ending in -e the -e is dropped:

care ~ cared~ caring
desire ~ desired ~ desiring


canoe ~ canoeing
mile ~ mileage
dye ~ dyeing

Adding a consonant suffix does not change the spelling of a word:

pain ~ painful
complete ~ completely


argue ~ argument
judge ~ judgment
nine ~ ninth
true ~ truly

When two words are joined to form a compound word, omit no letters:

room + mate = roommate
book + keeper = bookkeeper
house + coat = housecoat


past + time = pastime
where + ever = wherever

The above rules are just a small sample of the numerous rules and exceptions to those rules, so use the web spell checker to avoid misspellings at all costs!

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Spelling Reform Is Not the Answer

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English, as we know it today, has taken on some changes from its original form. The language is primarily made up of a hodgepodge of other words taken from other languages such as French, German, Latin, and Greek. The end result is a language made up of approximately 251 different letter combinations to spell only 43 sounds. With this kind of complex system for written communication, it is no wonder English is such a hard language to learn.

Starting back as early as the eleventh century, writing as a form of communication was becoming more popular. However, the uneducated could not understand what was written. Too many English words are not sounded as they are spelled. Some scholars hoped to reform certain words to sound as they are spelled or be more be phonetic.

Other scholars disagreed, feeling that changing the spelling to accommodate some would be confusing to those that were familiar with the current spellings.

Eventually, words began a slow change, with some having either version acceptable.

As the time changes, words continue to change. Words that tend to get misspelled may eventually become acceptable. For example, British English would have us spell the past tense of travel as “travelled.” Americans took used this spelling for hundreds of years until at some point, dropping the second /l/ became accepted and correct.

Also, words that were passed down verbally were all-too-often misheard, causing a shift in language. Buttonhole used to be “buttonhold.”

As new technologies emerge, the language changes with it. Shakespeare would not have written about cell phones, internet spell check tools, or mega-pixels. Further, current writers do not write content in a current setting using words such as thee, tho, or shalt.

Current reform for spelling changes is a hot topic of discussion. Those for the changes allege that students that have trouble learning to read would benefit from a phonetic language system.
Those opposed to changes counter that a phonetic language system would be worse, and that thousands upon thousands of books and other written material would become obsolete and unreadable in the near future. No one would know how to check spelling because there would be no consistency. Software and internet spell check could not detect errors. Dialect has much to do with phonetics.

For example, the word pecan.
Some people pronounce it /pē-kān/. (Both vowels are long.)
Other people pronounce it /pē-kăwn/ (/e/ is long, /a/ is short)
Further, the emphasis on the syllable varies.

So, if we were to write, “My favorite pie is pecan,” how would we phonetically write about the pecan? Peekan? Pecawn? Peak-an?

While the language will continue to change, it is best to learn the English rules as well as the exceptions as it stands now. A century from now, there may be a new article written called, “New and Improved: How to Check Spelling for Phonetic Users.”

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Commonly Misspelled Words

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With the arrival of internet spell check, it is less difficult to ensure spelling accuracy in writing then in previous eras. However, an internet spell check has limitations; it pays to know how to check spelling manually.

Locate a list of commonly misspelled words. They are weapons! widely available on the internet. Try to find one that contains at least 100 to 500 words. Keep a copy of the list in any location writing is likely to be done, such as on a desk, near a computer, atop a nightstand, and so forth.

In addition, once a good list is on hand, a quick review will allow the creation of three separate lists. It is possible to use different colored highlighters rather than create the lists by Skin hand, however it is recommended to write the words again. It never hurts to practice.

The first group of words will be words that are known. These words should be spelled correctly nearly 100 percent of the time.

The second group should contain words the spelling of which gives one pause. These are the words that require a bit of thinking, but are spelled correctly more than fifty percent of the time.

The third group should contain words that are either unknown or spelled incorrectly the majority of the time.

These three lists become the starting point for learning how to check spelling. The first list is merely a record of current ability and will not require further action at this point. The second group, however, is the best place to start. These words are already familiar and will yield the highest success rate with the following charting technique.

Draw a line that divides a piece of paper in half from top to bottom. On the left side of the line, write the first word from the second group. Think of a mnemonic device that will help you remember how to spell the world properly. For example:

Left side: separate
Right side: There is always a rat in separate.

Left side: weird
Right side: It is weird because e comes before i, unlike the traditional rule.

Continue on through the entire list of words in the second group using as much paper as necessary. The process itself will lead to significant improvement, but the goal should be to refer to this chart on a regular basis until the spellings become second nature.

Once the first chart is complete, the process should be repeated with the words in the third group.
To keep learning new words, consult many lists of commonly misspelled words. If a number of electronic drafts fro past writing efforts are available, they can be reopened and pasted into an internet spell check. Any misspellings that pop up should be scrutinized with the three-group process and charted.

Following these instructions should yield noticeable results quickly, especially if one is a frequent writer. With the number of words in the English language, this process can be useful for an entire lifetime.


Memorizing Commonly Misspelled Words

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With all the caveats to the rules of English grammar and punctuation, it is no wonder that spelling conventions are also subject to exceptions. Although the word may be different for each individual, nearly every person can think of at least one that gives them trouble. The word “misspelling” itself is often one of the most frequently misspelled words. Although it requires some Online work, the spelling of difficult words can be mastered.

Lists of commonly misspelled words can be located on the internet with relative ease. These lists provide a starting point for determining the strengths and weaknesses of an individual’s ability. While viewing one of the available lists, it is crucial to write down the words on the list that are personal troublemakers. Perhaps a word sticks out because it frequently pops up while using a spellcheck or because to spell it aloud is impossible without writing it down first. Using the old fashioned pen and paper for this task is advised, as there is power in connecting the visual and tactile memories in the brain.

Once the subjective list is completed, it is time to look for patterns. Are there odd diritti rule exceptions that appear multiple times in many of the words on the personal list? Do any of the words involve prefixes or suffixes that are difficult to remember? Recognizing patterns in commonly misspelled words reduces the size of the task. It is less difficult to learn one rule than to cheap mlb jerseys memorize the spelling of multiple words.

The rules subject to the most frequently overlooked exceptions are also easy to locate with a simple internet search. Most people will find that they only need to review a handful of them to cover their entire personal list of misspellings. Performing a spellcheck by running a word through a mental reservoir of rule exceptions permits only a small margin for error, as long those rules are learned properly.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Learning a rule requires both memorization and practice. To make error-free use of frequently misspelled words second nature, it is recommended to memorize a rule and then apply it to several words in succession. Flashcards are excellent for this activity, especially if, as recommended before, they are hand-written.

As a test of progress, it is helpful to use words that are troublesome in context cheap nba jerseys on a frequent basis if the opportunity affords. It is recommended to attempt a piece of writing without any assistance. wholesale jerseys Then, to see if one has achieved mastery on their own wholesale nba jerseys a free spell checker can be used Barometer to verify. This is the equivalent of having a teacher grade your paper. The free spell checker may still find some errors, but this is the key to learning. Those Spell words that are missed again go back to the beginning for further pattern recognition, rule memorization and flashcard practice.

If this method is followed assiduously, #1 in a short time the personal list of frequently misspelled words will be whittled down.

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